Constitutional Petition

Constitutional Petition Filing

Our team of expert lawyers specializes in assisting clients with petitions to initiate the constitutional review process. In these proceedings before the Constitutional Court, petitioners challenge the conformity of laws with the constitution or contest the inconsistency of regulations and general acts issued for the public exercise. We provide comprehensive services related to Constitutional Courts in Pakistan.

Writ Petition

A writ petition is a formal submission made to an Appellate court seeking prompt review of a legal matter. Essentially, it is a request for extraordinary review, asking the court to intervene in a lower court’s decision. The term “writ” refers to an order, and these orders are issued by the High Courts under Article 199 of the Constitution of Pakistan 1973. The primary purpose of Article 199 is to uphold and enforce the fundamental rights of individuals as outlined in the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973. The High Court can intervene in cases where there is evidence of malice, arbitrariness, non-conformity to statutory requirements, or a patently erroneous order. The powers granted to the High Court under Article 199 are diverse and extensive. The orders that a High Court may issue under Article 199 are commonly known as writs, which include writs of prohibition, mandamus, certiorari, habeas corpus, and quo warranto. 

Constitutional Petition challenging instances of harassment

Harassment, encompassing abusive language, insults, or any other consistent harm inflicted upon an individual, is deemed illegal, cruel, and bothersome. It represents a form of ongoing torment, and taking legal action against such conduct can involve filing a Constitutional Petition. Our law firm specializes in offering legal consultations on various harassment issues. Initiating a harassment petition is a legally significant procedure that necessitates the expertise of highly qualified and trained legal professionals. Therefore, we have a dedicated team of legally trained individuals capable of fulfilling these duties in accordance with the client’s needs.

Constitutional Petitions and Appeals concerning Delimitation and Election Matters

Delimitation involves establishing the boundaries of territorial constituencies within a country or province with a legislative body. This task is delegated to a high-powered entity known as the Delimitation Commission or Boundary Commission. The Delimitation of Constituencies Act, 1974 dictates that constituencies for National and Provincial Assemblies elections must be delineated after each census. The delimitation process considers factors such as the distribution of population in compact areas, existing administrative boundaries, communication facilities, public convenience, and other relevant factors to ensure cohesive constituency creation. General seat constituencies strive to be as equal in population as possible. The Election Commission, acting as the Delimitation Commission, releases a preliminary list of constituencies, inviting feedback. Our services encompass filing Constitutional Petitions related to constituency delimitation, election petitions against decisions and disputes, matters involving corrupt practices and offenses in elections, and election appeals in Election Tribunals under section 63(1) of the Elections Act, 2017.

Public Interest Litigation

Public interest litigation refers to the utilization of legal avenues to promote human rights, equality, or address issues of significant public importance, as authorized by the Supreme Courts under Article 184 of the Constitution of Pakistan 1973. The primary purpose of Article 184 is to enforce fundamental rights outlined in Part II, Chapter-1 of the Constitution. Supreme Court jurisdiction is invoked only when there is a violation of an individual’s fundamental rights. Public interest litigation serves to champion the causes of minority or disadvantaged groups and individuals. Such litigation can stem from concerns related to both public and private law matters.

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