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Best Corporate lawyers in Karachi

Corporate Lawyers in Karachi

When it comes to securing expert legal counsel in Karachi, the best corporate lawyers in Karachi are your trusted partners. With a deep understanding of corporate law, these professionals offer essential services vital for businesses and individuals aiming to establish themselves in Pakistan.

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1. NTN Registration:

Our best corporate lawyers in Karachi simplify the process of obtaining your National Tax Number, a critical requirement for tax compliance in Pakistan.

2. Business Registration:

Trust our team to handle the entire business registration process, including dealings with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and other governmental bodies.

3. Company Registration:

We guide you through company registration, from incorporation to SECP registration and other relevant government authorities.

4. Chamber Registration & Member Registration:

Our expertise ensures a smooth registration process with chambers of commerce in Pakistan, fostering essential networking and representation.

5. SRB Registration:

We streamline SRB registration, making it effortless for you to comply with sales tax requirements in Sindh.

6. Custom / PSW (Import Export) Registration:

With our assistance, securing your import/export license from Pakistani authorities becomes hassle-free.

7. GST Number / STRN Number:

Our best corporate lawyers in Karachi facilitate the acquisition of your Goods and Services Tax (GST) number and Sales Tax Registration Number (STRN) in Pakistan.

8. SMC/ Private Limited Company Registration:

We assist in registering private limited companies and single-member companies (SMCs) in Pakistan.

9. Partnership Firm Registration/AOP:

Our team helps you register partnership firms and Associations of Persons (AOPs) in Pakistan with ease.

10. Wealth Statement Reconciliation:

Count on us to assist in reconciling your wealth statements with Pakistani tax authorities.

11. Sales Tax Return:

Our experts ensure accurate and timely filing of your sales tax returns with the relevant tax authorities.

12. Annual Forms (A, 28, 29 & 45) of Companies (SECP):

We streamline compliance with SECP requirements.

13. 165/149 Statements:

Our team handles the preparation and filing of statements under Section 165 and 149 of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.

14. PSEB License:

We assist in obtaining your Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) licenses, necessary for software development and export in Pakistan.

15. Registration Of Chamber of Commerce:

We facilitate your registration with relevant chambers of commerce in Pakistan, enabling networking and representation.

Best Corporate lawyers in Karachi

With the support of the best corporate lawyers in Karachi, navigating Pakistan’s corporate law landscape becomes both efficient and effective. Contact us today to experience our expertise and dedication to your success.

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